Keep Calm Let’s drink: A revolutionary beach towel With Water-Resistant Pocket, lightweight, Thin, Compact and even more (Green)

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  • INTEGRATED WATER-RESISTANT ZIPPER-POCKET! | Don't want to leave your possessions in plain site while you go in the water? No problem, this towel features an integrated zipper-pocket for your cell Phone, keys, and more!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, THIN, COMPACT | The BeachTech towel is 1.5"x 8"x 4" when stowed! The thin character of microfiber makes it lightweight, easy to carry and space saving so you can spend more time and energy adventuring. Comes with a sewn elastic band that you can wrap around to keep it folded and tidy or hang to dry.
  • SUPER-ABSORBENT MICROFIBER | Absorbs 3 times more water than a regular cotton terry towel. Great for any lifestyle!
  • ANTIBACTERIAL, FAST DRYING, SAND FREE | Our towel looks clean all the time with it's super fast drying performance and sand falling right off of it.
  • LARGE AND LUXURIOUS | Colorful refreshing patterns make it easy to spot inside your bag and make you stand out on the beach. Ample size for one person to lay on it or cover up. Size 32"x 64".
  • ECO-FRIENDLY | Wash ten of our amazing eco-friendly BeachTech Towels in the same amount of time and water it would take to wash three regular towels.
  • THE HYGGE EXPERIENCE | At MinxNY, we are dedicated to the spirit of Hygge (hoo-gah), a Danish word used for moments that are intimate, cozy, and special. Our focus is on premium quality and attention to detail. We pass this on and inspire trust and well-being, so order now with confidence!


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Unlike other products, our unique BeachTech Towels benefit from some of the world's most advanced fabric technologies, resulting in a finished product that is not only incredibly lightweight and compact, but also super-absorbent, anti-bacterial, eco-friendly, stain-resistant, fast drying, storage-pocket ready and you guessed it €“ distinctly charming with several aesthetically pleasing and vibrant designs to choose from.

Ideally suited for today's active lifestyles, our BeachTech Towel is the perfect companion for your day out at the park, pool, beach, campsite or wherever your travel holiday adventure may take you.


This high performance BeachTech Towel is the ultimate beach towel! Great for all types of outdoor active- and leisure pursuits the BeachTech towek is super-absorbent, fast drying, thin and very compact. Go ahead, stay wrapped up in one of these- they are so soft yet lightweight. It€™s microfiber fabric absorbs almost 3 times more water than a regular cotton terry towel and even more impressive is how fast drying they are after use. Take it to the beach, on your next picnic, or your next travel adventure, and experience one the most convenient towels out there!


How many towels do you know that have an integrated zipper-pocket? The BeachTech Towel does! Don't want to leave your possessions in plain site while you go in the water? No problem, this towel features an integrated zipper-pocket for your cell Phone, keys, and more! You may also fill the pocket with sand to use it as an anchor for those windy beach days!


Tired of your towel taking too much space in your bag? When folded, the BeachTech towel is small enough to toss in your handbag without weighing you down. Folds to about 1.5 inches x 8 inches x 4 inches, making it a must-have towel for any beach day!


Cool to the touch even in the hottest days. Soft, plush microfiber is gentle and soft on the body including face, hair, and skin. Easy to carry and store, it's perfect for yoga, swim, gym, camp, boating, backpacking, by the pool, as a beach mat or bath towel at home. Available in vibrant designs, and made specifically for convenient travelling.


  • Machine Wash Separately in cold water (40 degrees).
  • No Bleach.
  • Line Dry
  • Warm Iron
  • Fabric: 15% Polyamide, 85% Polyester


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