How to safely kayak during the winter months

Kayaking is a sport and hobby which can be enjoyed by all ages and all abilities, throughout the year, including winter. Kayaking shouldn’t be confined to the spring and summer months, as it can be a fantastic activity to take part in during the colder months – however, it’s important to ensure that safety is top of the priority list before you set out.

The winter months bring their challenges when it comes to getting out on the water, which is why is imperative to brush up on your skills and safety knowledge. At Cambridge Kayaks, our team has vast experience supporting our clients with their kayaking needs whatever the season, and in this article we’ll be sharing our top safety tips for kayaking in the winter months. With a range of kayaks for sale across our site, we can also direct you to the best vessel for your needs, which will suit your paddling requirements throughout the year.

  1. Check the weather before you leave

One of the biggest considerations when kayaking in the winter months is the colder weather, particularly if you are paddling in the UK. Mother Nature will throw all sorts of weather conditions at us, from torrential rain, snow, strong winds and even sleet, and ultimately these weather conditions will have an impact on your kayaking journey. Regardless of your experience or skill, these weather conditions could post a safety risk if you’re not prepared for them. In cases of extremely bad weather, we recommend that you postpone your kayaking trip until a later stage.

  • Ensure you have the correct safety equipment

You should ensure you have a high-quality life vest with you at all times, no matter the time of year. A life vest could save your life, especially if you fall into frozen or cold water.

  • Dress appropriately

In winter it’s extremely likely that the temperature will drop both in and out of the water. As a result, you must ensure that you dress appropriately to prevent you from becoming too cold whilst you are out. We always suggest wearing multiple layers so that you can remove some if you find you’re getting hot as you paddle along. Additionally, as the water is likely to be very cold this time of year, we suggest investing in a dry suit. Unlike a wet suit, a dry suit is designed to keep you dry at all times and is completely water tight. This makes them ideal for cold-weather paddling.

  • Bring some snacks

Keeping nourished whilst out and about is a good idea as it can help keep your energy up and help keep you warm. Ensure you pack a bag of snacks, and perhaps even a flask of tea or coffee which will last you the whole journey.

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