Where to buy Scratch-off World Maps

Scratch-off world maps are becoming increasingly popular with travelers.  You can find travel scratch maps both online and in speciality retail stores.  While there are many different styles and designs of world travel scratch maps one of the best is found online at travelscratcher.com.  The quality and detail is second to none.  

TravelScratcher is the leading online retailer of scratch-off world travel maps and only available on their website.  They always offer great prices and free shipping worldwide.  Order yours today


  • Hey. I really want a map from Travelscratcher.com, but when I was about to buy it, I found out that you are only shipping to Canada, United Kingdom and United States. That means I can´t get it for Christmas, because I am from Denmark :(

  • I love my scratch map from travelscratcher! would definitely order again! Great quality scratch off world maps. Makes a great gift!


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