City Beach Vacation

All About Panama City Beach Vacation and Hiring A Photographer To Capture Your Moments

No one has ever experienced disappointment when it came to planning a Florida vacation. This is mainly because the state offers just way too much. There are endless miles of coastline, plenty of islands, multiple activities to engage in, and wonderful weather to greet visitors. In fact, the hardest part about planning a Florida vacation is picking a destination.

To help you here, we have discussed a few pointers about planning a fun Panama City Beach vacation. Certainly, you can always pick Destin as your first vacation destination in Florida. However, Destin is best if you focus on activities like fishing and water sports. On the other hand, Panama Beach City offers better nightlife and family-friendly activities.

Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach is a vibrant city with beautiful stretches of sand, cool shopping places, plenty of kid-friendly attractions, and above all excellent seafood. There is just so much to see and do here that planning can sometimes become complicated. However, the first thing you must figure out is accommodation. For this, it is best to book Gulf Coast vacation rentals. Check out the properties listed on You will be able to find multiple rental properties in every area, and thus comparing prices and facilities will become easier.

Besides, the beaches in Panama City Beach are public property. This means accessing them becomes a little tricky if you are not staying close to the coast. However, since there are multiple rental properties on the Gulf Coast, finding one is not going to be difficult.

When to visit?

Once your accommodation requirement is sorted, now pick the perfect time to visit this wonderful city. Panama City Beach can be completely different depending on when exactly you are visiting. While the city offers something for every vacationer around the year, if you have any specific agenda in mind, it is best to plan your visit accordingly.

For instance, if you are planning to hire a Destin Florida photographer, it is best to visit during the months when the climate is most comfortable. SuttonB Photography is worth considering for the job. Since they are based in Destin (just 1 hour away from Panama City Beach), they surely know enough about the weather, crowd, and almost everything concerning Panama City Beach.

Furthermore, if you are in Panama City Beach for activities, visiting during spring break will be ideal as you can expect a younger and rowdier crowd during this time. This is because during this period, college students come here looking for some fun, and thus the city is much more happening. On the other hand, during summer, young families visit the area. Later in the fall, the city gets quieter as kids go back to school.

Consider the weather

Weather in Panama City Beach varies widely around the year. Hurricane season lasts from June to November, and the heaviest rains are expected in August. Well, surely there are plenty of indoor activities that you can indulge in during this period.

Winter can also prove to be a good time to visit. Tourists are fewer, and the temperature is comfortable. Of course, swimming is not an option in this weather, but snowbirds will surely find plenty of other activities to keep themselves occupied.

Finally, most tourists prefer planning a vacation during late autumn. The climate is much more favorable, it is less rainy, and thus you get to hit the water. Also, this will be a good time, if you are expecting to get some good family shots taken.

Tips for getting some professional shots

You must have surely seen plenty of photographs of families having a fun time on the beach. Well, if you desire to have the same, it is best to work with a professional and experienced photographer. Also, to ensure you get some outstanding photos, it is required that you follow a few expert tips. Let’s see what they are…

1. Book a Panama City Beach photoshoot during your mid stay

It is crucial to remember that you will be dealing with Florida weather. The weather conditions in the state tend to change throughout the day. Any pro photographer will advise booking a session mid-stay. This will give you some time to adjust to the weather, and if there is a need to reschedule, you will have a couple of nights after arriving to do so.

2. Pick your outfits wisely

The more you plan the better your shoot will go. It is advised to have your photoshoot outfits ready before you arrive in the city. After all, you don’t want to spend your precious vacation time at a retail store shopping for clothes that you could have bought alone easily. Also, you can always check the weather and plan your clothes accordingly.

Also, consider your photoshoot theme before you plan the outfits for every member. For instance, decide whether you want classic neutral pictures or something with bright and bold colors. For a better idea, you can always check out beach pictures of other families and couples.

3. Pick a location for a photoshoot

Talk to your photographer about this, and ask them to provide multiple options. Preferably, pick a location that is close to your accommodation for easy access. In addition, you can even trust your photographer for selecting a location. They have been doing this for years, and thus know best.

4. Bring a few necessary items along

Along with your outfits, a few other items will ensure you look your best. Some of the things that prove to be helpful during a photo session are:

  • Bobby pins, hair ties, hair brush, hair spray
  • Snacks and candies for kids
  • Mirror and make-up supplies for touch-ups
  • Props like balloons, beach hats, scarves, etc.

5. Keep your chill

Not every member of your family will approve of the idea of getting clicks. Yes, we are referring your kids here. Well, try to keep your chill and ensure everyone is in a fun mood for the photo shoot.

Well, there you go. Now you know all about planning a vacation to Panama City Beach, as well as getting a professional family photoshoot done. So, start the actual planning now and get ready to have some fun.